UPDATE: 19 MAY 2019:

If you have registered but you cannot show up at Post 177 until Sunday morning for the Run To the Thunder:

Obviously, you won't have a wristband, so the guides will prevent you from entering the parking lot.  However, please have a copy of your REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION EMAIL - either printed out or on your phone - and the guides will get you a wristband.

PLEASE NOTE: ONLINE registration will close on Thursday, 23 May.  After that time, there is no way to register unless you come to Post 177 on Friday or Saturday.  So, if you have not registered online, and you cannot make it to the Post until Sunday morning, please expect that you will not be able to have breakfast, nor ride with the American Legion Riders.  

UPDATEE: 11 MAY 2019


We have a very large number of American Legion Riders who will join us this year!  This is awesome!

Consequently, we will need to limit the number of bikes that we can fit into our parking lot.  If you want to ride with us on Sunday morning (and we hope you do), please be sure to register at Post 177 on Friday or Saturday and get your wristband. 

The wristband can be displayed on your vest or your person.  

On Sunday morning, when we start lining up bikes at 0430, only those bikes with wristbands will be permitted to enter the Post 177 parking lot.  We can fit about 450 bikes there.  Any overflow will be directed to the Paul VI High School parking lot.

If you DO have to go to the high school parking lot, do not worry.  You'll still be able to ride and join our group as we get escorted by the police over to the Ride of the Patriots.

If you do NOT have a wristband, you will be asked to simply go straight to the Ride of the Patriots, and you will not be able to line up with our ALR group.

YOU MUST HAVE A WRISTBAND TO EAT BREAKFAST AT THE POST.  We want to make sure that we have enough food, and our registrations are the basis for our estimate.

Thank you.  We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you to American Legion Post 177, and ride safely!

​Post 177 American Legion Riders

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